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John Tranter: ebooks

Listing current May 2013

Most of John Tranter’s books of poetry are now out of print. They are being transcribed one by one into e-book digital versions by the author, maintaining the exact content and pagination of the printed originals. In early 2014, they will be available on the internet and elsewhere in carefully-edited and inexpensive editions.

In the meantime, two anthologies. These two books have been translated into the “Kindle” format, which can be read easily on the Kindle Reader, the Apple iPad, and many other ebook reading devices. Other more open ebook formats will follow.

First, download and install the free Kindle reader so that it is working on your computer. Choose one you like from the books below. Then go to this page on the Amazon site and pay for and download the title you want:

Don’t be mean!


«The Best Australian Poems 2012» by John Tranter (Nov 3, 2012) - Kindle eBook $14.12
Kindle Edition: Auto-delivered wirelessly


«The Best Australian Poems 2011» by John Tranter (Oct 31, 2011) - Kindle eBook $14.97
Kindle Edition: Auto-delivered wirelessly


These books, though, are free downloads from this site:


«Parallax» by John Tranter (1970) - epub
$FREE:00 download here


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