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John Tranter, c.1969: bad hair day

 John Tranter, c.1969:
 bad hair day

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Where we came from:

The history of Australian poetry from 1965–85 can be told through the anthologies published in that time. Rodney Hall and Thomas Shapcott’s «New Impulses in Australian Poetry» (1968) signalled a change but was overtaken by events to such effect that Shapcott’s «Australian Poetry Now» (1970) included sixty or more poets, most of whom had not been heard of before by the reading public. Shapcott’s later anthology «Contemporary American and Australian Poetry» (1976) found itself flanked on either side by «Applestealers» (1974), the Melbourne salute to ‘the generation of ‘68’, and later by John Tranter’s «The New Australian Poetry» (1979). — James Tulip, in «The Penguin New Literary History of Australia», October 1988, pp.491–2

1966 — Antediluvian Antecedents: [»»] Vivian Smith: “Australian Poetry in the ’60s: Some Mid-Century Notes” First published in «Balcony / The Sydney Review» number 4, (Southern) Autumn 1966. A wide-ranging and perceptive review of McAuley, Hope, Webb, Dobson and many others, now appearing in the Journal of Poetics Research.

1974 «Applestealers — is a collection of the New Poetry in Australia» including notes, statements, histories on La Mama, selected and introduced by Robert Kenny with Colin Talbot, Outback Press, North Fitzroy (Melbourne), 1974. These articles have been moved to the Journal of Poetics Research.

1974 [»»] Robert Kenny: “Welcome Stranger: Introduction to «Applestealers», 1974”.

1974 [»»] Kris Hemensley: The Beginnings — a note on La Mama (1974).

1973: Kris Hemensley: Note and Comments: From New Poetry magazine, 1973 and 1974. In 1973, under the editorship of Robert Adamson and Terry Sturm, New Poetry magazine continued its practice of publishing a list of succinct and internationally wide-ranging Notes and Comments at the back. These had been compiled by Carl Harrison-Ford under various pseudonyms. Authorship now passed to Kris Hemensley from Melbourne. The articles below have been moved to the Journal of Poetics Research, whither the links will take you.

1973 [»»] Kris Hemensley: Note and Comments: From N P, Vol 21 Nº 4, 1973.

1974 [»»] Kris Hemensley: Note and Comments from N P, Vol 21 Nº 5+6, 1974.

1974 [»»] Kris Hemensley: Note and Comments from N P, Vol 22 Nº 4, 1974.

1977 [»»] Robert Drewe: “Fangs bared”: account of a poetry reading at the Hogarth Galleries, Sydney, May 1977. the link takes you to the article on the Journal of Poetics Research.

1979 [»»] They Dared to Live! This playful illustrated flyer advertising the publication of «The New Australian Poetry» (Makar Press, 1979), and on the verso «Surfers Paradise» magazine number two, was distributed with an issue of «New Poetry» probably in late 1979.

Journal Feature: [»»] Michael Dransfield: 40 years on: Michael Dransfield died forty years ago, on 20 April 1973; he would be sixty-four had he lived. The Dransfield material mentioned here has been moved to my free Internet-only journal, where you can read my 1987 review of his Collected Poems, a newspaper account of the Coroner’s report into his death, an item from Vogue Australia in 1971, and two of my poems dedicated to Michael with a photo of his old flat and a map.

John Tranter’s Poems, Notes and Reviews

Thesis: My Thesis, over 200 pages, including 113 poems: get the free 3Mb PDF download  from the University of Wollongong Library. Since May 2011 hundreds of copies have been downloaded. Join in!

[»»] John Tranter’s Starlight: 150 Poems (214 pages, 2010) won the 2011 Age Poetry Book of the Year and the 2011 Qld Premier’s Award; this link takes you to the poem ‘The Anaglyph’ and to ten poems from the book, details of two major Australian awards, reviews by Martin Duwell, Bronwyn Lea, Gig Ryan, and Corey Wakeling. This link [»»] takes you to 35 pages of Notes, and this link [»»] takes you to my free Internet-only Journal and «The Anaglyph» (the long poem from the beginning of the book).

[»»] Urban Myths: 210 poems: New and Selected (322 pp, 2006) won the 2006 Victorian Premier’s Prize; the 2007 NSW Premier’s Prize; the 2008 SA Poetry Award; the 2008 SA Literature Award; reviewed by Roger Caldwell, UK, by Martin Duwell, by Peter Pierce; [»»] Urban Myths: 90 pages of Notes AND you can download a free, read-only PDF file of the first half of the book here: Urban Myths: 523 pages.

[»»] The Floor of Heaven: (140 pp, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2007) reviewed by Kate Lilley, by Carmel Bird, by Alison Croggon, by Cath Kenneally, by Chris Pollnitz, by Andrew Riemer, by Andrew Taylor.
[»»] The Floor of Heaven: 3 pages of Notes and a free downloadable PDF version of the first half of the book!

[»»] Collected Poems: Notes     [»»] Trio: Notes     [»»] Index to all the Notes to poems

[»»] Double Six: 6 prose poems and 6 photos

[»»] More poems for you to read — over 700 pages!

[»»] Several ebooks for you to read, mostly for peanuts — hundreds of pages!

Documents: By and About John Tranter

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[»»] Prose: over twenty items including The «Streetfare Journal» Story: Australian Art and Poetry on US buses, 1995; Frank O’Hara, 1926–1966; my Introduction to The Best Australian Poems 2011, and an Interview; links to over 800 book reviews in «Jacket» magazine — links to 120 interviews from «Jacket» magazine — Basil Bunting and the CIA — What Is Skeuomorphism? — Advice to a New Writer — A Week in NYC, October-November 2003 — Why is modern poetry so difficult? — Bruce Beaver, 1928-2004, an obituary — Martin Johnston: a 20-page introduction — The Illusion of Authenticity: on frauds, literary prizes and Janet Frame — Three John Ashberys: an Introduction — Fonts: how Fournier has fared in the 20th century — and more.

[»»] John Tranter, Reviewer: 40 items, over fifty books reviewed

[»»] John Tranter, Reviewed: some kind, some cruel, over 30 reviews: find out why I cry myself to sleep

[»»] … Interviewer: Robert Adamson, 1978; David Shapiro, 1984; John Ashbery, 1985; Ashbery again, 1988; Roy Fisher, 1989; Kenneth Koch, 1989; Bruce Beaver, 2003; Rosemary Dobson, 2004.

[»»] … Interviewed: by Brian Henry, 2009-2010; by Patrick Allington, 2007; Rosemary Neill, «Weekend Australian», 2006; by Kate Lilley, 2001; by Ted Slade, 1998; by John Kinsella, 1991-1995 and 1999; by Stephen Craft and Helen Loughlin, 1991. See my free Internet-only Journal for a 40-page interview by Toby Fitch for «Mascara Magazine» in October 2012; and my answers to the “Proust Questionnaire” for the «Quarterly Literary Review in Singapore», December 2012 to January 2013;

[»»] My 93-page Trace conference paper 2008: Feints, Apparitions and Modes of Locomotion, in my Journal

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