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Sites that feature writing by or about John Tranter

[»»] The University Library at the University of Sydney Univ Cresthas a free research site devoted to John Tranter’s early poetry, including complete electronic editions of his first book Parallax and his 1977 book Crying in Early Infancy — 100 Sonnets, and dozens of reviews and other documents from the period including a hoax magazine and a 1966 passport, at:

[»»] John Tranter Reads in Auckland, New Zealand: Text and video clips of John Tranter reading and talking about thirteen poems, recorded in Auckland, August 2002, for the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre. Requires a video-player browser plug-in.

[»»] Auckland, March 2012, John Tranter: reading three short poems, Adobe Flash Player video, 6m 36s

[»»] Auckland, March 2012, John Tranter: a talk on long poems and short poems, Adobe Flash Player video, 19m 08s

[»»] Three poems and a thirty-page interview with John Tranter by John Kinsella [the same interview you can read here on this site], at the Electronic Poetry Center at the State University of New York in Buffalo, at

[»»] In October 2003 John Tranter gave a series of readings and talks in Europe and the USA. The Poetry International Web, based in Rotterdam, published a diary he wrote of a week in New York, featuring Ern Malley, the Halloween Parade, a man with his arm caught in a train toilet, and quite a few book parties.

[»»] In conversation with Ted Slade (reproduced on this site here) and three poems (A Jackeroo In Kensington, The Un-American Women, and The Revolutionaries) in The Poetry Kit Magazine at

[»»] Four reverse haibun (Family Scent, Percentage Macedonian, Snap, Snip) in Number Two of the East Village Poetry Web in July 1998, at

[»»] Three poems and RealAudio recordings of the poems being read out aloud (‘3-D’, ‘Moonshine’, ‘The Colors of the Days’) in Issue Four of the Cortland Review at

[»»] The poem ‘Backyard’, in the 1998 ‘Holiday Special’ issue of the Cortland Review at

[»»] Guy Shahar interviews John Tranter in New York City in 1998, in the September 1998 issue of the Cortland Review at

NY Jacket

[»»] …as well, Jacket magazine features many of his reviews of other writers’ books and his interviews with other writers. Jacket won Best of the Net award from the (Poetry) Mining Company in New York in December 1997. Jacket was also Site of the Month at the Electronic Poetry Center site in Buffalo, New York, in November, Recommended Site in the Web Del Sol Literary Ring site for Poetry in December 1997, and Featured Site on the Booksmith Bookstore's ‘Literary Links’ site in San Francisco in April 1998.

Photo: John Tranter, New York City, 1997

You can order many of John Tranter’s books directly from the Internet site of the University of Queensland Press:

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