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John Tranter and Blossom, his Abyssinian cat, circa 1974

John Tranter and his cat Blossom, c.1974

John Tranter’s Links to Hundreds of Photos

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Enjoy this page of links to the many photos on this site. (My other site? It’s a Journal, at and also there’s
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John Tranter: [»»] A dozen high-resolution photos, and scans of 4 book covers

John Tranter: a 3,000-word [»»] biographical note with rare photos!

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From our garden, 2012: [»»] Some flowers, [»»] The strange Magnolia Flower

[»»] New York City, December 2005

[»»] 38 Strange Objects, 2007

[»»] Civitella Ranieri, Umbria, 2009 (Six-weeks in Paradise)

[»»] Cloudscapes, Umbria Millions of clouds, moving and changing: what do they all mean?

Book Launches, 2009: [»»] Rae Desmond Jones, [»»] Philip Hammial

[»»] Museum of Contemporary Art, 6 April 2009

[»»] Puncher & Wattmann party, Annandale, Sydney, 15-12-2012

[»»] Photos from Adelaide and Adelaide Writers Week, March 2013: now on my Journal at Each photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

[»»] Poetry Reading, Gleebooks bookstore, Glebe, Sydney 2013-09-29: John Tranter, Kate Lilley, Melissa Hardie, Andy Carruthers, Professor John Frow, Michelle Kelly, Sharon Jones, Fiona Hile, Nel Wolf, Rory Dufficy, Alexander Dennis, Alex Burns, Nicola Parsons, Monique Rooney, Fergus Armstrong, Chris Edwards, Rozanna Lilley, Sarah Gleeson-White, Jennifer Egan, Amelia McCormack, Gae Bloodworth, Sandra Hawker, Judith Barbour, Brigitta Olubas, Elaine Minor, Adrian Jones, Toby Fitch, Alice Grundy, Professor Elizabeth Webby, Sam Moginie, Elizabeth McMahon, and Elizabeth Allen.

[»»] Poetry Reading, Sappho’s bookstore, Glebe, Sydney 2013-02-12: Ann Vickery, Nick Keys, Jess Wilkinson and Martin Harrison, open mike. Thirteen photos.

[»»] Poetry Reading, Sappho’s bookstore, Glebe, Sydney 2013-03-12: John Tranter, Fiona Hile, Sam Langer, Marty Hiatt, Claire Nashar, open mike. Twenty-two photos.

[»»] Poetry Reading, Sappho’s bookstore, Glebe, Sydney 2013-02-11: Aden Rolfe, Ross Gibson, Astrid L’Orange

New Zealand Map

Text and Photos: Auckland: University of Auckland Symposium:
“Short Takes on Long Poems”, 28-30 March, 2012

[»»] Wednesday evening: lots of short, fast poems

[»»] Thursday early: papers   [»»] Thursday: My long slow poem “The Anaglyph”

[»»] Thursday, later: papers   [»»] Friday: the longest poem on earth!

[»»] Rachel Blau DuPlessis Wraps it Up

[»»] John Tranter reading three short poems, Adobe Flash Player video, 6m 36s

[»»] John Tranter: a talk on poem length, Adobe Flash Player video, 19m 08s

You can also read my handwritten 110-page [»»] Tapa Notebook from the Auckland Symposium: idle comments, photos, my clumsy handwriting, various odd decoupage objects pasted in, and colourful native stamps.

Cartoon: Dan Dactyl and the Mad Jungle Doctor: [»»] A 95-frame comic strip that traces the adventures of adventurer Dan Dactyl and his pals as they explore the South American jungles in search of the mysterious French poet Doctor Verlaine.

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