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Draft text for ‘The Howling Twins’

Below, ten thousand characters produced by the Brekdown program, from a blend of two lettergroup analyses of two sample texts: Allen Ginsberg: Howl, and and Edward Stratemeyer (as ‘Laura Lee Hope’): The Bobbsy Twins on a Bicycle Trip. The lettergroup size was set at 7.

Jack, walked all over the apartment.’ By the under meat for a wig of bloody toilet, moans in there?’ He asked. Charlie said jack. Bert, and the long walk back home, danny turned, saying for the fire escaped at the cross in moloch whose ear is a cloud and off in the moon, yacketayakking scream.

The trees. From the archangel of the fairies of time, unknown around and slippers to fight the cities of cold-water flats floating plane,

Who passed through the hydrother boy. The last piece of mercy the bobbsey’s lumber busines without the four twins, he asked excited now at the madman bum and resurrect your family sat down. I’m terrible tired.’ ‘You mean you bang on tenement roofs illuminated, who copulated bugle for she felt sure he would watch out of the basket covered what you think an aunt of marijuana for nothing out incomprehensible

criminals without a mile from its pilgrimage to accuse anybody unjustly, so i have been a contemplating at once and adonis of brains and charlie played the whiskey and into the pure machinery of other skeletons,

Who had the stale beer, who had been so worried long streets obsessed with a bottle of beer a sweet blues to the boys sobbing in the mind leaping trip?’ Bert sympathetically.

‘You found snowball and cried. ‘That’s a shawl and charlie mason to fight themselves. Now don’t we driven for us to recreate the faculties of your dog waggo, you old darling ‘ not been closed at the lid of insulin metrazol electrified out at this actual golden heads ever coming down to the

iron regiments invisible humorless protesting them with you in rockland

Where it disappeared on the same moment and immortal

It should have to make toast. There. I think freddie cried.

The parks and eternal war

Is here what might now,’ said he would be glad to stone of dinah already and light or no danny brought she did it ‘

Nan said ‘i wish we were only two big bags, then starting through the house. The breast is a candle and sister and down to take long enough, maybe we ought one of the road made flossie liked that charlie had gone only mad when flopped for the easiest way to find her?’ Freddie and call their route. It was,’ said that he had been with the iron regiments invisible criminals with delight small brother fellows had helped solve a mystery. At once. ‘I took six months to get back over lofts,

Who cut they had been a contemplating it. They were driving


Exciting where you laughing. Charlie mason to the subways for committing down the classified advertisement roofs illuminated its hair and dinah’s cookies.’ ‘I don’t know where you suppose not,’ charlie said bert began eating towards then.’ ‘Yes,’ said flossie would not stop that

danny’s best minds

New loves mad generation—

Ah, carl, while her husband said n. Then put his pumper

engine out of the railroad yard wondered your uncle daniel’s farm,’ nan comforted her twin’s hand. ‘Freddie, ‘but snowball’s gone only just like danny did not a tom cat.’

The telephone called out

‘Freddie shared a room emptied down the dreadful typewriters on dadaism and bert and continued along to the roof to solve?’ His friendly, bert hopped once ‘ bert said, ‘whether tree, i don’t think,’ he said. ‘Do you think.’ Charlie said. ‘And now you’re right after there with laurel in oblivion,

With the next morning’s paper. Mr. Bobbsey stood on the barking when starving him on him, but first let’s find they had crossbone soulless balls, incomprehensible humorless protest over there again called. The neck and the long enough, maybe he was taken their own bodies of advertising the bugle had come to time

Real holy laughed on negroes, cried. ‘You’re not stop at

they had left to say in the last night. The breast is a smoking in the total recall for some wild cookies.’ ‘I do too,’ said charlie went deeper into the rocks of halls, incomprehensible humorless protest over denver, who hiccuped endless jehovahs moloch to heaven which tree she was nan’s room.

All the family tried they had brought the house. They were angrier that looked like better, buried her say. ‘Our camping with the animal soup of boys. There?’ He asked excitedly. ‘That she sunset, and charlie strolled out and shrieked with you imitate the midnight we won’t think freddie told the advertisement moloch

Cocks monstrous bombs

The fascist nations illuminating it. The leaned over the radios, tons lifting mystery. Recently, the leaden very well. The bobbsey.

The car. Flossie hope that the telephone rang. Nan, who cowered in desolate fugazzi’s, listening through the little

wood and battered my soul illuminates itself imaginationale

I’m with gaunt waitresses in familiar bush. At fist their cat. The corner, out of the madhouse with you in rockland’s and insatiate with you in rockland

Where this far when the telephone pole the years old. Nan and see any. Their hearts who were followed by those hills make sure you will split the two boys of time, now

denver—joy to the grass of public parks and the fog moloch moloch the scholars children brought to go fight,

Who jumped in despairs ten years.

What had stopped once and were twenty miles from the children

skipped after than i am,’ he said. ‘I saw her husband sam, who there after there?’ He asked bert asked excitedly. ‘That’s right. They were drive back and were home at all.’

‘Don’t care if must have put in a tree,’ said flossie. ‘See that freddie and anecdotes and saw

Mohammedan angels,

Who broke down crying, ‘i know what might help his father had inquired in denver, who loned in supercommunist pamphlets in underwear, burning through their hands. ‘Oh, i know where it disappeared in denver, who was not fair to have to find the place off window, jumped out. He went out in the fairies of cigarettes in the bridge this was always making with radiant cool eyes sexy in their route. Once knew a cat rescued from park to pad to see any. They had taken they could possible criminals with you in rockland

Where danny,’ freddie called on and looked up eagerly. ‘It’s okay with the chest. Danny rugg. ‘You for crazy in moloch whose fingers are twenty miles from the chest. Danny turned the little boy in the walking in the children cried, stamping trip?’ Bert replied. They were run down the hospital illuminating it. They were moving off. I called danny say him and aluminum bashed to freddie and flossie asked.

‘Snowball and scream in a turkish bath when the drear lightning in the memories dreaming vomiting moloch the game of dinah cooked around his pumper engine for me to time—and won’t be allowed to the advertisement and always causing the cat had an idea. He remember than ever seeing in the harpies of time nan had entered bleak of brain all day and trembling him on his far when we were coming to waggo bounded up at each time he got out loud, but she did it ‘

Nan said, ‘i’ll say ‘ freddie had sent waggo bounded up the ellipsisms of johns, hometown alleys too,

Who fell on their feet tail borsht tortillas dreams, woke

on a wire hanger in their watch of the shawl and started to the hall an airing any animals lung hearts, who came back and the family for a wig of bloody toilet, moans in the familiar bush. At fist their places where there were a little girl of steamwhistles, who hiccuped endlessly trying


‘But the finally went over they managed to roan long street

Carl solomon i’m with you in rockland

Where you pun on the east,pilgrim staten island angel beat in boxes breathing might streaming vomiting when the

garage. Danny’s home at once. Then sudden manhattan, and see if they didn’t have stayed and lonesome time, alarm clocks waited a couple. Ever with you in rockland

Where was no path, and were only just passing performance. ‘Sure, i had a vision of platonic conversation or digested.

Mr. Bobbsey said ‘i wish we were twenty-five thousand black locomotive or harvard to please show up, freddie had looked for danny did not been on several vacation,

With sensationalists jumping spot.’ ‘Yes,’ said flossie sobbed. She was not fair to have any clues at all.’

‘Don’t come over denver, who studied plot their feet in kansas, who though young bully.

But just dragged off to find out of the soul to come back.

The tops of the snowbank docks waiting fight, eh?’ Said it was,’ said the little girl looked around gleefully. ‘As soon as we see what it was,’ said bert and mrs bobbsey house. When we were two boys the fascist nationalists jumping

trip. Accordingly the endless hydrogen moloch whose factories and adonis of denver and shaking to build harpsichords in jail waiting for the other and danny. Bert, do you solve a mystery. Recently, the luggage from the bully he had seen snowball.

Mr. Bobbsey.

The lashed out. He wall in reply. ‘And were twins with you—and sam, who hiccuped endless oil and stone of the property and reaching in their shoes full of steam-heat and cock and this when we went offices,

Who ate the finally both children cried out of sinister in the bobbsey said he would not safe i am a consciousness with you in rockland

Where you sure sorry,’ the garage. Danny turned to unemployment office and were in their head down,’ freddie and went, leaving seen a cat running up in a twin brother boy did not show up, freddie exclaimed and resurrect your family for me to see his friend nodded. He spot and caribbean love,

Who passed through universities with gaunt waitresses of

them happy. And others turned in. ‘Do you saw snowball. She wanted to tender buddha or tangiers to boys remain at the road, waggo ‘ ‘it sure sorry,’ the darkness of shuddering

eastern sweats and immortal

It should go on any of the tops of canada paterson, illuminated, who watch out of the icy streets of insanity and looked toward poles of the mustard gas of shuddering

eastern night we won’t be allowed to see his friend waggo.