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«Free Grass» magazine, 1968, type samples

For those of a forensic bent, this page presents scans of type samples from three different mimeo / gestetner magazines from 1968 to 1979. You will note that the 1973 and 1979 examples are from the same machine, with the 1979 version slightly the worse for wear.
Noted in my Journal on 2012/06/01.

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Three type samples

Top - «Surfers Paradise» magazine # 2 (Steve McGarrett issue), 1979;
Smith-Corona portable electric typewriter, c.1957, ten characters to the inch

Center - «Leatherjacket» magazine # 2, June 1973;
Smith-Corona as above: note the top left of the “p” and the “l”, and the top right of the “r”. The letters are less worn than in the image above, six years later.

Bottom - «Free Grass», 1968;
unknown typewriter, twelve characters to the inch

Scale: image width = 1¾ inches


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