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«Free Grass» magazine, 1968, page 3 of 5

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When The Thing Came Marching Home
When Ronnie came home
The girls were waiting at the station
flowers, baskets of fruit
The rows of shiny Holdens

Ronnie had developed a special smile
for the occasion: blue eyes
crinkled mouth: I guess he wanted to forget

When Ronnie walked up the path
The flowers cheered him, the tree
smiled down on his khaki head
Mum was waiting at the door
Dad confused behind his pipe
Kid sister: gee but it's good to see you, Ron.

Gosh its just like home he said
sweet and conventional but Dad
I can't help feeling something's missing.

Sure son he said fondling the stump
of Ronnies missing leg.

                 Peter J. Kruse

The Happy Farmer
The old farmer mooched about his pasture
a funny figure could be seen
stepping through the sticky yellow flowers
a young man in a blue suit

Howdy old farmer have you heard the news
love is a sweet message
                  piss offa my farm
all we need to do is love
                  get to hell
all of us, in morbid toleration
                  shift yer arse
I have walked from Chandrapore
keeping my suit clean, facy shiny
selling the free and juicy product love!

The old farmer mooched about his pasture
a funny figure could be smelt
lying under the yellow flowers

                     Peter J. Kruse

YES. you are. red orange violet puce
violent sunset: hot hot hot: where
green is every envy: hot hot: where
birds sing // no man
                   despaireth // heliotrope
here no birds sing, the insurance salesman
peddles his kit of death
      // buy one Jack? Keep ya moving //
YES. you. are
            some kind of answer
                     : hot hot :
ooh say oooh say ooooh ooh say.
                        Chris Kruger

The white clerk came into the room
wearing a suit covered in vomit
don't sit down was all I could say.

the record was filling the peaceful air
with Karmic explanation I'd like some
explanation he sd. for this state of

Outside Our Mother was wailing
take that bastard outa here!
vomit all over the peaceful chairs!

get him out! it's okay Our Mother I sd.
he loves you but he cannot make it true
sure sd. Our Daddy play that one again
Baby loves you Baby makes it Blue.

                 Chris Kruger

there I was
     plain as a tree
           in the open sunlight

there you were           like flowers

        filling the light
           with white
there it all happened      at once

 the boats dragging their tails

    like happy gulls in

        blue water
we could hardly stop walking

                 Jennifer Heaslop

when you were about to say good bye

I thought
           something would happen
      the vase you gave me
          all milky
          green glass
      would topple and fall

you paused               and I knew
       you were about to say
             I'd better
                   be going

I thought
         the light would fail
             but nothing
                  at all.
                        Jo Moore.


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