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Starlight, cover

John Tranter: Reviewed

«Starlight: 150 Poems» (UQP, 2010) shortlisted in Queensland

“ ‘The Anaglyph’ […] already seems like the major Australian poem of this century so far. ”

Shortlist for the 2011 Poetry Collection - Arts Queensland Judith Wright Calanthe Award

Martin Duwell, Philip Neilsen

Caroline Caddy for Burning Bright, Fremantle Press
Barry Hill and John Wolseley for Lines for Birds: Poems and Paintings, UWA Publishing
Ann Shenfield for You Can Get Only So Close On Google Earth, Australian Scholarly Publishing
John Tranter for Starlight: 150 poems, University of Queensland Press

Award: «Starlight: 150 Poems» (UQP, 2010)

From the judges’ comments:

This book can be seen as the culmination of John Tranter’s middle career, a period marked by explorations of the ways in which poems can be generated. The most important poem of the collection is probably the first, “The Anaglyph”, which already seems like the major Australian poem of this century so far. Here, an answer is written to Ashbery’s “Clepsydra” whereby the original is evacuated so that only the first and last words of each line remain and the new poem is written by retaining them. Although this description of «Starlight: 150 Poems» makes it seem formally obsessive, it is still a book of poems that has a lot to say and “The Anaglyph” — in part a parody, in part a homage and in part an answer to an early poem by Tranter’s great middle-period mentor — is very much a poem about those modern obsessions of textuality and influence.

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